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clients, Family, Photos / November 6, 2014

Shooting for the holidays

Bad Holiday CardsThis is the busy time of year for portrait photographers. We are getting calls and meeting with clients who what holiday photos for cards and I couldn’t encourage it more. Last year I decided to keep all the cards I got because I really wanted to be able to look back and show everyone that these cards, even with the cute design are not flattering photos. Now before you start to think I don’t like the cards or don’t appreciate getting cards, I do. Everyone loves getting letters in the mail and holiday cards are the best way to show off your family and catch up with those who are to far away to see on a regular basis. That is why you send them. But, even though the person you’re sending the card too loves you, they would be more excited to see a photo of you at your best. So the mall photo with Santa or the shot you took that has personal meaning to you might not translate to the people you’re sending the card to.

This is why you want to hire a professional photographer. This isn’t just about the card. This is about cataloging your life and sharing that with those important to you. Most cards, even those we want, will still end up in the trash. Why? This is a catalog of the friends and family who are always changing. Kids grow up too fast. Pets get too old even faster. We need photographs in our lives to be hooks to for our memories that we can go back and remember how wonderful our families and friends really are. We have these connections and without photos of them, it’s harder to remember.

So hire a professional for your holiday photos. We’ll get in and out of your day quickly. Your kids are more likely to respond to someone else for the photo because it’s a planned event. A professional, most importantly, will be professional and create a exciting work of art you and your family will look back on for years to come.

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