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clients, Photos / December 13, 2012

Crow Family Holiday card

Lion behind Crow Family at the MuseumI was really excited when the Crow family asked me to photograph their holiday family photos again this year.  Last year, we did the photos downtown Boston because they wanted a city view.  This year they thought it about doing something different.  We decided to give ourselves a challenge and shoot inside Harvards Museum of Natural History.  If you’ve never been there, it’s an amazing place with all kinds of animal specimens, skeletons, and glass flowers.  It’s also a nightmare to shoot in because the rooms are small, the lighting is harsh, and all the cases are highly reflective glass. One really nice thing was that the museum is free on Sunday mornings for MA residents so we got to take advantage of the free pass.

Even with all that though, we ended up with a good body of photos that became their holiday card for the year.  I just got mine today and was so happy to see in printed and how nice it looked.  We did everything we could in that space and more.  Everywhere we looked there was something else that we wanted to photograph.  Some things worked out well while others fell apart.  Pretty normal for a shoot, I guess, but I was really happy that the Crow family was happy with their photos and got their cards out in time for the holidays.

Now all I have to do is get my holiday cards out to send to my friends and family and I’ll be ready to start planning shoots for next year.  I’ve got some big ideas and hope to get them put together.  More about that in my next post.

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