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Photos / August 12, 2014

Heading to the cape

The summer is coming to a close and our family tradition is to head to the Cape for a vacation. I’m really excited because it’s not just a get away for the family, it’s a get away for our dog Toby too. Toby and I will get up early each morning and go out to the beach for a walk. It’s always a little adventure and because it’s early, there are very few people out. The other nice part is we can go over to the east side of the cape and see a beautiful sunset over the water. The cape is one of the only places on the east coast where you can see a water sunset. I grew up in California so sunsets were such a beautiful experience I could have any time when I lived in San Francisco. Getting up early for a sunrise isn’t quite the same for me (I need my beauty sleep).

If you are going to be on the cape and want to schedule an early morning photo shoot with me, please email me. I’ll be in Hyannis MA from August 17 till August 22.  I’ll be able to schedule only one shoot a day so time is limited. The rest of my time goes to my most important clients; my family.

Toby on split rock on Cape

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