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Photos / December 24, 2011

Happy holiday’s to all my friends and fans

I wanted to write and thank everyone for such great support this year.  I’ve been slowly making progress on getting my name out there, meeting great people and photographing some great clients.  I’ve been working so hard to get my business off the ground and it’s been such a great learning experience.  It all started this year with my ASMP Strictly Business 3 event.  I was so inspired by all the great ideas and people that I met that once I got back to Boston, I was started working on stepping up the quality of my work and reading everything I could about the business of being a photographer.  In May, I started working with Agency Access to jump start the process and to get my work out to the commercial world.  From then, I spend all summer, creating new work and pushing myself to get top quality work to show.

My hope for next year is to do even more projects, photographing more amazing work.  I’ve already doing more events with Pet Source, will do another fundraiser for Smile for a Cure, and will be creating great deals for clients. Keep in touch and let me know what you’d like to see in the future.

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