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Photos / February 13, 2014

Hanging from her hair

My Friend, Ellen Wetmore, a New England artist got a grant to create a new video piece where she used a high speed video recorder to capture a professional circus performer hanging from her hair. She hired me to come in and photograph the event while it was happening so she could have high quality imagery she could use for print. It was an amazing experience and I’m really excited about the images. The performer, part of the Simply Circus troop, was a great sport and Ellen really put a lot into making this project amazing.

The work ended up showing as part of the video wall down town Boston outside the convention center called Art on the Marquee. It is up now but you should check the schedule to see when it’s going to be showing.  Being winter, it’s pretty hard for me to stop outside anywhere but this is pretty amazing to see the work in action.

The video was shot with the camera turned 90 degree’s because the Marquee is turned that direction. Not how you would normally think about video. If you want to get a sample of how the video looks, you can check out the vimeo page.HangingFromHair-1



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