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Family, Photos / May 4, 2015

Grumpy face

Last week was school vacation week so we took the kids on a road trip to upstate New York, near the finger lakes. We had a fun time even though it snowed the whole time. It was okay though because we were at Hope Lake Lodge which has an indoor water park. For two days, it’s great for two young kids.

A funny thing is though, being a photographer, my kids get really tired of me pointing my camera at them. This photo was of my younger boy waiting for breakfast and he wasn’t having any of it. What he doesn’t know is that I think his frumpy face is really cute. I don’t want my boys to pose. I want them to just be happy and show that to me. Who ever started the process of “say cheese” has ruined so many photos throughout time. I just keep shooting past the pose and will often get some fun photos of my boys. It’s good practice for when I’m photographing family photos. It’s good practice.

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