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opinion, Photos / November 16, 2012

Getting Social

boy spinning around caught in one frameI’ve been trying for the past year to really ramp up my social base and doing the work to get myself noticed but have had little success.  I’ve got more twitter followers even though I barely touch twitter. The harder I try to get Facebook to work for me, the more hoops and blocks Facebook puts on my account.  Then there is google plus which just makes my head hurt.  I understand the ideas that social networks offer but I keep missing the core areas.

Guy Kawasaki of Apple fame and who is a social network star says the most important thing is to create great content.  Sounds simple. I think that it’s a great place to start but like any art making, it won’t matter if no one sees it.  I’m going to set a few goals so my info can be found easy and I can get more eyes on my work.

My first goal is to tag and label all of my work properly.  Things that I’ve been missing have been tags, links and sharing.  I’ve been putting up my photos and trying to get people interested but what I haven’t been doing is surrounding it by keywords and tags to make it stand out.

I went to a ASMP event talking all about social networking and sharing and feel I’ve got a new game plan to move forward on.  One thing I noticed is that I need to start using Google Plus more.  Not just because their interface is nicer but because google indexes all that information.  Facebook doesn’t so what ever I post on FB stays only on FB.  That’s fine but I have noticed that many of my clients aren’t using Facebook that much.

The key is to widen my net and get everyone to come back here, to my website, read my blog, look at my photos and, with any luck, contact me.

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