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opinion, Photos / January 22, 2013

From Click to Photo

Stanwood dogsI’ve been listening to lots of podcasts, reading blogs, and doing online classes to continue to better myself as a photographer and as a business.  While listening to a great Creative Live class with Tamara Lackey, I had a real “a ha” moment about the process of creating work.  The photograph isn’t done the moment I click the shutter.  That is only the beginning.  This isn’t anything I didn’t already know but I didn’t ever really put it into words. So to hear someone else say it, just clarified that detail for me and to be able to express it to others.  Part of the reasons people like my work is because of all the work that I put into making the photo.

People who love photography may understand what goes into the process of making the work and even see the process of me taking the photos but it’s the subtle details of what goes into making these photos that can be a large part of the work.

Much like watching a athlete at the top of their field. What they do is amazing and yet they make it look effortless.  Anyone who is constantly reaching for the top will always make their process look like anyone can do it.

One of my first commercial work I did just out of school was for a small pizza restaurant in San Francisco (where I also worked).  They wanted photos for a coupon and I said I could do it for, well, lets say, SUPER cheep.  One of the owners agreed but when the other found out, he thought it was a waste of money so he took out his camera and tried to take the same picture I took.  It wasn’t till after her got the pictures back that he conceded that what I did really had value.

Being able to know my photos have value and that those who hire me see that value is what I always aspire to in my work.  I love making it look easy.

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