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Photos / June 5, 2015

Photo Friday – Family

Fun family photos in the studio.

Funny how friends are made. My son’s friend in preschool loves to play together. They do play dates all the time so I get to spend lots of time with her mom. She is also self employed and working out the process of working and family. It can be hard to separate the two when you are your business, like I am. At the same time, all we want to do is spend time with our family.

I offered to take photos for her linkedIn page to help promote her. I needed the practice of photographing people more since I’ve spent so much time photographing animals. It’s become clear to me that lighting a human face is very different the lighting a animals face.

This was one of the outtakes from her fun family photos with her daughter. I love photographing families and showing the joy and love that shows in the photos. Formal shoots are nice but to capture how people are now that they can look back on and remember the fun and love they have at that time is really important.

I hope to do more family photos this year. I have some clients that come back every year and I love them so. It’s an honor to be the documentarian for these families.  I’ve got the best job.

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