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Photos / June 14, 2011

Flow Dog day

Last weekend, I worked with a small company called Flow Dog.  They specialize in rehabilitation therapy for dogs of all types. Some dogs come for sports training, and others come because of an injury or post surgery.  I contacted them to help them create some great photos for their business.  After meeting with Chris, the owner, I knew it would be a fun, but a really challenging place to shoot.  They are located in the lower level of a building and the pool area is in a warehouse area with dark metal ceilings and florescent lighting.  The amount of lighting I brought wasn’t nearly enough to fill the area.  There is a large in-ground resistance pool standing in the middle of the room.  It’s a pretty amazing site.

My hope was to set up 3 different shots:

[highlight] 1 [/highlight] Working out in the pool.
[highlight] 2 [/highlight] Therapy work with Chris and the dogs.
[highlight] 3 [/highlight] Portraits of Chris and the dogs.

I ended up taking a LOT of photos and edited many of them out.  This shoot was scheduled during a work day so I had to shoot quickly and move around what Chris was doing with her clients.  I did my best to not slow her down. I was only there for two thirds of her day and the amount of running around she and her assistant did is amazing.  Over all, I’m happy with the photos and am looking forward to hearing what they think about them. I wanted perfection from each photo I took and I didn’t get that but it was a great learning experience that I will bring to the next big job.

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