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Events, Photos / December 5, 2012

First Shoot with Santa

We did our first shoot with Santa at Pet Source in Stow.  We had a good time and it wasn’t crazy busy but as the weeks progress, I think the next two shoots are going to be really busy.

I wanted to point out Milo from the shoot.  There were lots of great dogs and I always love the owners who deal with them but Milo is a NEADS dog.  If you don’t know about NEADS, they do an amazing job training dogs to be service dogs by having prison inmates train the dogs.  Milo is an another example of a great dog that has been quickly trained to be the support for a person sometime in the near future.  These kind of groups are so important for all kinds of people with all kinds of needs.  From the obvious that we all know about such as seeing eye dogs to the very hidden like PTSD of soldiers.  These dogs are the support that people need and goes way beyond the basics of just getting around but add a quality of life that a faithful companion can add. One of my goals for next year is to do a photos series of service dogs in all kinds of areas and put together a multi media e-book.

If you didn’t make it to Stow to have your dog meet Santa, you’ve still got two other chances.  I’ll be in Concord this Saturday from 12-4 and Marlborough next Saturday from 12-4.

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