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Photos / October 9, 2014

My favorite Boston Pet Store

I have been really busy these past few weeks doing mini photo sessions in Boston on the Commonwealth Mall mostly due to the best pet store in Boston. Pawsh Dog Boutique on Gloucester street just off of Newbury St. has been voted the best groomer in Boston Multiple times and has a good variety of toys, leashes, collars and foods for your furry family members.

Balki the Boston TerrierNow, first, I’m not just spouting how great of a pet store they are because I did photo sessions last month. I’m saying this because they have been supportive of me and my photography since I first started this journey to become a full time photographer. Mike and Nancy opened there store about 6 or 7 years ago and have survived and flourished because they are passionate about dogs, their clients, and being involved with their community. The first time I met them, we did a little photo shoot for the holidays and just getting to know them, I could see they loved what they were doing. It really shows up in everything they do and even in the staff they work with. When they first opened, they were the only pet store in the area. Other pet stores have opened and closed in the area and Pawsh has stayed put because of the great work they do.

Nancy and the boysI often think of Mike and Nancy as mentors because they understand the work I’m doing and know what works best in reaching out to pet lovers. They only care good foods, treats and toys they they believe in and will bend over backwards to make everyone happy. I’ve watched them help people find a harness or jacket for their dog and make sure that it fits right and if they don’t have the right size, they make sure to help them get what should fit. Some of those things can be tricky but they know how they all should work.

Their grooming practice is really the best in the area. They have a waiting list just to be able to get in and those who are returning clients will travel from all over to stay on that list. I got to photograph some of these dogs recently and they were all happy to come into Pawsh because it always means something good is going to happen. I’ve photographed 2 of the groomers dogs and I can tell, just by meeting them, they really love their dogs and love what they do.

That is why I really love Pawsh. They are what everyone should strive for in a small business. Happy staff. Great working environment and people who care. Next time you’re on Newbury St. take a side trip down Gloucester street and pop in to say hi. Let them know I sent you and you can even admire some of my work on their walls.
Pawsh_Boston Mike


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