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Family / September 14, 2016

Summer whale watching

Late into the summer, we decided we’d go on a whale watching trip out of Gloucester, MA. We won some tickets for the Cape Ann Whale Watch a while back and after doing some spring cleaning, they showed up again so all we needed to do is make time.

The first whale watching trip I went on was years ago out of the Boston Harbor. On that trip, we saw some 50 whales. It was amazing and very rare. This trip was 2 whales. It was funny watching everyone running from side to side every time one of the whales came up for a breath.

Just as we were finishing up, this one whale, named Shuffleboard, came right up to our boat. I was already done and happy with the shots we got but when I saw him come right up, I ran out and took these shots. I think they are interesting because I shot it with my wide angle lens so I got an interesting view. No breaching but some fun photos. It shows how close we got in many shots. Most of the rest of the photos I took were with my 70-200 telephoto lens. Even that wasn’t great.

My family and I had a great time. My boys really loved it and no one got sea sick so that was a plus. I





Whale photo with zoom lens. We were told he was trying to wack the food to eat.

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