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Family / June 12, 2015

Photo Friday – My boys

Family Photo boys fred levy photography-1 Family Photo boys fred levy photography 2

My boys mean everything to me.

Being a dad has been full of really great days and a few bad ones. Everyday has had a purpose and allows me to focus on what is really important. I love photographing pets and the challenge involved and much of that is due to my whole family. Toby is great too and makes every day important but my whole family makes me want to work harder to do better and show the world what I can do.

I find photographing my kids, especially in the studio, extra challenging. They want to play “push daddy’s buttons” and see how silly they can be for the camera till I beg, plead and bribe them into sitting nice. It wasn’t easy but we got these three shots in under 15 minutes so I was really happy. I made a new case for my wife’s iPhone and she just loves it. She’s been sharing it and telling all her friends.

That might lead to more kid photos but I’m fine with that. I love the challenge. I always want to do better for my family and my clients.

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