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Family / May 9, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

My wife has to put up with a lot for be to run my business as a professional photographer. I know she has to take care of the boys when I have to shoot on the weekends or get them off to school when I have to be out the door before dawn. She does so much for our family and I know that all the mom’s out there work really hard to make their family happy. I can say though that our family is also what makes my wife happiest. Our boys make every day a joy to get up for and I know that everything we do is to better our family.

One of the greatest things I can do is to document this family and show how great our family is. My wife loves to see new photos of our boys and even puts up with me photographing her to keep documenting our life together. Showing her spending quality time with our boys or just having fun at family gatherings gives us so much to think back on and allow us to appreciate those chaotic moments that can get lost in the everyday.

So, with Mothers Day coming up, I wanted to say to the world, I love my wife for being such a great mom to our boys and working so hard to give us the best life we could ask for.

Rachel with both boys Fred_Levy_Mothersday_Photos-4 Fred_Levy_Mothersday_Photos-5 Geoffrey with toy camera at Bowling alleyIsaac with baby goat

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