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Photos / April 22, 2015

Family portraits

I know I spend most of my efforts talking about my pet photography work. Let’s face it, I love photographing animals. That doesn’t mean I refuse to shoot family portraits. That is where I got my start. Well, after some miserable experiences photographing weddings, I did get to spend time photographing friends and family and really enjoyed creating some fun photos of people.

Later, once I got over the idea of being a “fine art” photographer, I really enjoyed creating fun, photos for people. As a father of 2 crazy boys, I now have a deeper appreciation for what it really means to create beautiful photos for families. Being a couple, getting engaged, getting married and starting a family are all big events in our lives. Some are more specific like weddings and births. Those are the events that allow us to look back on. Others are harder to pin down but lead to important moments. To be able to create beautiful photos of people at a time in their lives that they want to be able to reflect on is so important to me. I create a series of photos for my family and make sure that I have enough photos that I can create a new photo album every year allows me and my whole family the chance to not just see what we are doing but where we’ve been and to look back and see how much we’ve grown. Not just the kid getting older but the more we are able to do with each other.

Above is a family portrait session I did in Carlisle MA with a great family from right here in my home town of Maynard. They knew they wanted something special and wanted to remember this important time with their first child. After discussing what they wanted, we found a way to include the dogs and took a great series of photos for them. They will have them forever and as things change in their lives, they will be able to look at their photos and know how important that time was.

Family Photo Carlisle MA Dad and laughing baby Family Photo Carlisle MA lookout Family Photo Carlisle MA Baby on bridge Family Photo Carlisle MA dog Family Photo Carlisle MA dad and baby Family Photo in Carlisle MA Mom and baby

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