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Photos / October 28, 2010

Chaos at the park

Chaos at the park, originally uploaded by phaird.

This is Chaos. She was running around trying to keep up with all the other dogs this past weekend at the dog park. Super friendly and happy dog but I didn’t get to spend much time at the park this week.

We were at the park for maybe 10 minutes when I turn around to see Toby RUNNING for dear life back out to the parking lot. A couple seconds later, I could hear that the gun club, not far from the park was busy. Toby hates that sound and I found him under a car in the parking lot.

It was really nice and my son was still out in the park so I quickly put toby in the car and went back to the park. I though, well, at least my son will run around and play with the dogs. He was really animated about the dogs this week. But when I got back to him, he didn’t want to stay either. So even though the weather was nice, the dogs were playing and the lighting was good, I was out voted and I left the park.

Too bad because this was the first time I think I’ve talked with Chaos’s owner and got to take some pictures. There is always next week.

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