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clients, Photos / March 6, 2012

Byron the Great

I had the honor of photographing Byron, a 14 year old Beagle.  He’s a handsome little man who’s mom just loves him.  We decided that we were going to try a few different photo ideas and we took photos both in studio and out at the park. Byron was a real trouper. He’s on kemo right now so he’s not the spunky pup he use to be but with treats and a little encouragement, he’d stay on the studio platform for a short time.  He was a little tired and in a strange place with this strange guy putting a camera in his face and flash bulbs going off.  In the end though, I think we got some really nice photos of him.  Some are very portrait like and others are more artsy (which I love).  Some I formatted to be square because I know that once printed and framed it will look great on the wall.  I feel I captured his youth as well as his age in the photos.  I’m sure Byron’s mom will be very happy with them. I know I am.

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