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Photos / May 27, 2014

Busy Black Dogs weekends

The past few weekends, I’ve been scheduling photo shoots for my black dogs projects. Weekdays can be easier because the house isn’t busy but most people don’t have time on the weekdays so I try to schedule them on the weekends in groups. Not that I’ve got 10 dogs all at once but I break them up into 1 1/2 blocks. It gives me time to set up, clean, shoot, do some basic paperwork and get ready to do it all again.

The past 2 Sunday’s I’ve scheduled 4 or 5 shoots in one day. By the end of the day, my knees are spent. I love the process though. For most clients, I do shoots on location but for the black dogs project, the studio has been the space. My studio is super small and it can be really interesting when there are 3 dogs or 4 people and dogs along with me, my lights and everything else. For some dogs, it can be a real chaotic process and for others, they listen well and stay on point. It all depends on the breed and the training.

I love that I’m meeting so many people from all over the area and demographics. Some young, some old. Family and singles. Some well off and others just getting by. The single thread that binds them all together is the love of their dogs. They know how important they are to their dogs and feel the same way about how important their dogs are to them. They are family which makes the black dogs project so much better for me.

I know that people who make the extra effort to bring their dogs to me, some traveling for hours, will appreciate the work involved in the process.


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