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Events, Photos / May 21, 2013

Boston 1 Fund Event

All the fun stuff for auction at the Pawsh event at Guilt Nightclub.

All the fun stuff for auction at the Pawsh event at Guilt Nightclub.

Last weekend, Pawsh Dog Boutique put together a fundraiser for the Boston 1 Fund event. Nancy and Mike were able to put together a great collection of stuff donated by pet vendors and sports memorabilia.  I donated a photo shoot which they combined with My Wonderful Dog and Fluff and Tuff. All of the items in the auction were such a good combo of supplies.  I was honored to be included in the group and help rase around $2700 for the Boston 1 Fund.  It was a small turn out for the event but those who did show up really stepped up and bid on all the items available.

I’m honored to be able to shoot Finn, Nathalie’s fur baby once they finish moving.  We are going to have a great time shooting, probably out in Concord MA somewhere but we will work that out once we schedule the day. I’m excited to have them on my list for shooting.  They were super generous to bid on a few items and all the proceeds go right to the 1 Fund.

If you didn’t make it, please check out the Boston 1 Fund page to make a donation if you can.  Even though LOTS of money has been rased already, it is still short of what is needed for the long recovery for all the victims.

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