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Photos / February 12, 2014

Bo, the blind black dog

Bo is a totally bind dog that came from a rescue down south. There is some debate on his age. Some think he’s 5 but his “seeing eye person” who has been sponsoring him thinks he’s more like 2. What an amazing personality he’d got.

He loves being around people and was really great for me in the studio. My studio is dark to begin with because of the nature of my current black dog project but for Bo, it didn’t matter anyway. He couldn’t see anything. We had to get his attention by calling his name, stamping our feet and shoving treats under his nose. He never stopped moving around, wanting to be close to me or his handler. Every sound and every click of the shutter was a call to action even though he had no real idea what we wanted.

Regardless of all the commotion of taking the photos, being called all over the studio and constantly calling his name, he was always happy and friendly. Who ever adopts him will be really lucky to have such a friendly, loving dog to take care of.

He is still up for adoption and if anyone is interested in him you should contact that Happy Tails Animal Rescue or check out his page on petfinder’s site.

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