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Events, Photos / October 15, 2013

Black Dogs Rule

With the winter coming I’ve decided to work on a new project that I hope I can quickly turn into something special. I’m starting an eBook project about black dogs.  While at the dog park last summer, I had a conversation with a fellow dog park friend about how black dogs have a much harder time getting adopted from shelters and thought how weird that was.  All dogs are beautiful and each dog owner is attracted to their dogs for one reason or another.  I was surprised to hear that black dogs have a hard time getting adopted.  After reading up on it, there isn’t any statistics to prove or disprove it but it still makes we wonder.

I decided that this might be a fun challenge for me to create my first eBook photographing black dogs on a black background.  From a photography point of view, it’s a real challenge.  If I can though, It will create a really exciting body of work that others might find interesting.

I’m just at the beginning stages of this project.  I’ve gotten my first volunteer and I would have to say it was a very successful shoot.  I’m hoping I can get as much at 25 more people with black dogs that would want to come out to my studio in Maynard MA and let me photograph their dogs.  I’ll also be recording video and doing some basic interview questions to add to the book.  (Still working out those details).  If you have a black dog or know someone with a black dog, please contact me. I’d love to have them included.


Kenai Black German Shepard

Kenai Black German Shepard


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