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Photos, promotion / October 14, 2016

Photo Friday – Black dog’s for sale

black dogs photos display

Sample of what 3, photos could look like hanging in a room

Black dog’s Photos for sale

I know I should have done this much sooner but I’ve finally made the black dog’s photos available for sale. These are direct prints from my professional print lab and will be shipped directly to you. I’ve made it affordable for anyone to get their own prints starting at $45 for 10in x 10in prints. They go as large as 30x30in aluminum and look beautiful. If you love my black dog’s photos and maybe even have the book, you would love to have a beautiful print hanging on your wall. Some of these photos didn’t make it into the book for one reason or another but I loved them so much, I wanted to get them out into the world.

I’ve had a custom portfolio available for the past year but the market for a custom, limited edition box like that has a much smaller base so I wanted to make the black dog’s photos available to anyone who really loves the photos.

Also, check out the 2017 calendar that has just come out. You can pick it up on Amazon or maybe your local mall. If you see one out and about, take a photo and share it. You can tag me on facebook or Instagram with @fredlevyart.

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