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Events, Photos / April 1, 2014

Black dogs getting some love

TritonWOW! Can I just say that. I was kinda hoping that sharing my Black Dogs Project would get a little more traction, but WOW. What an amazing response I’ve been getting from the Huffington Post article.  I admit I’m totally overwhelmed. I’ve had close to 500 emails from all kinds of people. Everything from funny to heart warming. So many great stories of people rescuing black dogs or black dogs rescuing them. I’m trying to do my best to respond to everyone who’s taken the time to write me and it’s pretty hard for some. There have been more then a few that I wanted to write so much more then just a few word. I want to tell them how amazing they are for what they do. For my part, I’m just pointing out the issue. For people working in shelters, seeing this every day and trying to find new ideas to get dogs adopted, it’s much more work.

After that article went out, I’ve been getting all kinds of requests from all around the world for interviews. This project really hit a nerve with people and I think it’s great that so many from all over appreciate it. I’m really honored that 2 different BBC organizations contacted me. I’ve been contacted by a Finnish website; a Indian website; and even from someone in Serbia.  I’m really honored though that Petapixel wanted to share the photos as well. I’m a photographer and knowing that the photography community appreciates what I’m doing is a real honor as well.

As of now, (Tuesday morning April 1). I’m still behind about 80 emails to respond to and need to find a better way to get to everyone.  I don’t want to do an auto respond but I need to write up something or I’ll never catch up.

I know it’s great that it’s helping bring light to the black dogs issues but I’m also hoping this will help grow my tiny little business of photography. I sure know that I’d like to be out shooting more.  But getting great messages like this screen shot really makes me know how great this is.

adopted_dogGive your dog a hug for me.


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