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Photos / June 1, 2016

Another Busy week


This week is going to be another busy week. I’ll be at the BOW WOW BASH at Smolak Farms this Saturday from 10-3. Then Sunday I’ll be doing another mini-session at Pawsh in Boston. It’s good to have my calendar fill up with all these events. I’ll be out talking to new people and taking more photos.

I’ve been working hard to create new work and keep making more exciting photos for my clients. I’m hoping to get a more formal shoot of Fergie, the Shar-pei. I took some quick snaps of him while checking out his house and getting him use to me. He can be very skittish with new people so his owner suggested I come over and meet him. Once he got use to me, he was okay with me. When we do our shoot, I’ll bring extra cheese sticks to see if that makes him fall in love with me.

I know we’ll get some beautiful photos of him. I see lots of great formal and casual photos that would be great around his home. We’ll do some inside and outside shots. Fergie is afraid of thunder storms so I can’t use a flash indoors so I’ll have to get some LED lights to fill in where I can. I know we’ll get some beautiful photos of him.


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