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Photos / July 2, 2014

Anna and Miguel Elope

Anna and Miguel in the Coolidge Corner TheaterOkay, I know, this isn’t a pet photography shoot. But I want to be very clear, this isn’t a wedding either. I still don’t shoot weddings and if you ever need recommendations, I can point out a half dozen at all different price ranges and styles.  What this was was a bit of arm twisting and doing a good deed for a friend who use to work for me at my last job. Anna and Miguel are a young couple who really wanted to get married and with so many life changing events on the horizon, they wanted to jump out there and get married now; so they did. They contacted me and asked me if I could shoot it for them. I tried offering some recommendations but being a poor young couple wanting someone last minute on a Monday, it was hard for them so I agreed to do it.

I mentioned on an earlier post how a subset of photography that seems to becoming popular is daily personal document photography where a couple or family hires a photographer to follow them around for the day and take photos of them all day. For me, their elopement was a good test into doing something like that. It’s something between an a event photographer and a wedding photographer. The thing I liked about this process is that it’s just about the couple and not have to worry about 100 + guest and family members.  If I was ever asked to shoot another elopement, I might consider it. Anna and Miguel were great and they love the photos which makes me really happy.

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