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Photos / July 18, 2011

A creative outlet while on vacation

I’m on vacation. I’m away from everything I normally do and see and am moving at a much slower pace.  It’s very nice.  It was nerve racking coming up to this vacation because it could have gone bad in many different ways.  My wife and I are driving with our 2 kids (under 3) about 3000 miles total and if they weren’t happy, we wouldn’t be happy.

We planned for it though.  We’ve got toy computers, real computers, videos, iphones, and iPad and lots of games for them to play.  They have been great.  We started our trip by driving from MA to OH.  The SMART thing we did though was to stop in Rochester NY overnight before heading all the way to Cleveland.  We found the National Museum of Play which was perfect for them.  It was a long drive and they needed to get their energy out.  They loved it.  We even loved it. We didn’t make time to see the Kodak museum but that will wait for another year.  I did stop and take a picture with me in front of the Kodak sign so at least I got to pay my respects.

On the road, I decided to keep working on my moving pictures project.  I’ve been photographing buildings from the road while Rachel was driving.  I started this about a month ago while on the commuter rail and photographing out the window.  I am trying to photograph the building sharp and have all the other things around them with a motion blur.  I then edit them and crop them to square format.  It is suppose to be an artist expression, taking a longer view of something I would normally get a glimpse of as we pass through from one place to the next.  Most of these photos are on the road in up state New York.  Let me know what you think.





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