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opinion / July 10, 2013

Remembering TLC


Today is the anniversary of putting my iguana, TLC (tastes like chicken) to sleep.  She was about 19 years old and I had her since she was 3.  I met lots of people who couldn’t understand why I kept her and others who could see the beauty in her.  She and I had a long standing agreement.  I promised to take care and feed her every day and she would only give me dirty looks but not bite.  Because I adopted her at 3, she grew up in a cage and never got acclimated to humans so she was always defensive with me and most other people.

We did have good moments though.  Walks in the park, hanging out on the couch, crapping on my annoying room mates bed.  Yea, she wasn’t cuddly or very friendly but she was mine.  I promised that I would take care of her and I kept that promise and though, I could have done better some times, I think I did the best I could.  I don’t want another reptile because I’m very happy with my dog but if my kids want to get one, I’ll let them (with in reason). I’ll make sure that they understand they are responsible for the well being of that life and to take the commitment seriously.

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