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opinion / April 9, 2014

Now you can share your black dogs

Today, I started a new tumblr page so people can share there black dogs and stories with the world. Since the Huffington Post article, I’ve been swamped with emails of people sharing photos of their dogs and the stories behind them. Those stories were everything from tear jerking to hilarious but most importantly, they have all be positive.

They are now taking up space on my computer and the rest of the world is missing out. I’ve put a link at the top of the black dogs project page so you can jump right to the I love Black Dogs page. I wish it would auto post but I understand that might lead down a dark path of the interwebs.

If you don’t see your photo right away, I’m going to try to space them out so we don’t take down tumblr or break the web. You know how that goes 😉

I look forward to seeing all your photos.

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