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opinion / February 15, 2013

New design for a new year

Well, I did it.  I updated my WordPress design for this website!  I’ve been thinking about this since December and with the new year, I finally found a design that I really liked.  The funny thing is, after looking at all kinds of cool templates and reading all the reviews, I choose the same designer of the previous design.  I really wanted a cool design that allowed a slide show on the front page but also allowed for mobile media to work.  It took me all weekend to figure out how to set it up the way I wanted but it could still use some tweaks. Most of what I need to do is sit down and edit my photos and write up some text to put on the site.  That is my goal for this weekend.  Right after my wife takes me on a Chocolate tour of Boston.  Keep a eye out for photos from that. YUM.

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