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opinion, technology / May 4, 2012

My Instagram process saves files

Instagram is now the billion dollar tool of Facebook. That’s a world I’ll never fully understand but I do know and love to use Instagram. I’m wasn’t an early adopter of it because I didn’t want to be limited to the square format. But, I’m a long time (old school medium format) fan of the square though for many years so once I tried it out, played with the filters and connected it to my whole social networked world, it became my primary iPhone tool.

But I’m not giving up any of my photos by using Instagram. That is because I don’t shoot with Instagram. I shoot with my iphone camera app to be able to shoot both in standard and HDR format to give me the most flexibility in my choices. Then I’ll open up the instagram app and pick one of the photos out of my picture library. That way, every image that I edit in instagram and upload, end up in my photo library the same time it uploads to the instagram network and to all my social networks.

The important thing to note is because I don’t always upload my photos where I shoot them so if I’m going to geo-tag the image, I have to set that myself. The geo-tag happens at the upload time so if I’m not uploading at the time I took the photo, it might be way off.

This gives me the best option for any future work with these images. I have the full res file I can use to promote or edit once I get them back to my main computer. To see what I’ve been shooting, you can fallow my Tumbr account here.

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