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opinion / January 21, 2014

My mind is exploding with ideas


There are so many great things happening for me right now.  I’ve dedicated myself to my photography and the more I think and do, the more I think I can do. A few months ago, I started a meetup group called The Passionate Photographer (no relation to the book) and has been really successful so far.  I’m going to be putting my passion for teaching into this group and see how far I can grow it.  I’m getting a lot of support from EP Levines, the photo store where we are meeting as well as the Ilford rep from the MAC group.

I’m also looking into starting a podcast. This is also going to relate to my need for teaching but I want to be real about what it means to go off and try to be a photographer. I’m still working out the content of what the podcast will be about but I’m moving toward photography, education and process. I’m working with my friend Josh Winer, an amazing photographer and educator to get this started and if all goes well, this will be another way of getting my name out into the world as someone who has something worth saying. The good thing is that the process of making a podcast is fairly simple once you figure it out. I spend the morning watching Pat Flynn’s videos on how to do it on his page, Smart Passive Income.

Then of course their is the black dog project.  I’ve been getting a lot more inquires about the project and have met some great dogs and people. I’m in a funny place right now trying to get work, meet people and create my own personal work but I have to say, this project is so great. It allows me to meet people, hear their stories about their dogs and themselves that I would never know without this process. I get to take some great photos and push myself in ways I never knew I even needed to. Every dog and owner I meet makes this project so much better. I’m going to re-arrange my site soon so I can have a page just for the black dog photos that I can share. I don’t want to give away too much before the project is done but I know I need you people who like my work to see it so you can spread the word. All I want to do is keep doing what I love by making work that people like you love.



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