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opinion, promotion / April 18, 2013

Just saying hello

Rumple.  Hairless cat and paper butterflies.

Rumple. Hairless cat and paper butterflies.

This week, I sent out 2 different email promotions to my mailing lists.  One was to clients that I’ve met or shot for in the past who are more consumers of my work. The other are part of my Agency Access list of ad agencies and art buyers, focusing on the North East area.  What a crazy week to try to be normal though.  This is suppose to be a fun week, starting with the Marathon and followed by school vacation week. Instead, we have crazy people running around hurting people here in my home town and all kinds of evil people and events swarming around them. It’s like the bombs in Boston, shook a wasps nest and all the bad people came out.

But I knew all this and didn’t want to stop or postpone my promotions.  If nothing else, I want to help everyone who gets my promos get back to normal. I’ve seen all kinds of heart breaking images, and read lots of high minded responses but at the end of the day we all just want to get back to our normal. Watching video’s like Stephen Colbert and focusing on my own friends instagram posts are a good start for me.  My normal is taking photos, being a geek, and spending time with my family.  I’m fortunate enough that I get to do these things and only want to do more.  To be able to do more, I need to reach to the public so I can let everyone know I’m out there and want to work for you.  I’m hoping that normal comes quickly for my Boston community and know in my heart that we will be better for it.

Marty wants his treat

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