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opinion / September 23, 2015

How often do I get photos

I’ve been thinking a lot about my clients and how I create work that they will have for a lifetime. When do they decide to contact me is different from person to person. It got me thinking about when people want photos of their pets. Some are excited about their new dog or puppy and want to remember this time of newness and joy that having a new pet in the home brings. Others contact me with their older pets. They realize that our pets don’t outlive us and we are their whole lives. They want to remember them before it’s too late. Then there is the middle who want photos of their adult dog to have photos of them in their prime.

All of these are great times to get photos. Your pets are with you their entire life and to have those life changing moments captured in beautiful photography that you can keep forever becomes so important, not just because you’ve got photos of your fur family but it also is a link to an important time in your life.

I would encourage anyone who wants photos of their pets to consider those three important times in their lives. When they first enter your home, the prime of their life, and in their golden years. It will always be an anchor to what was really important in your life and the love you shared.

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