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opinion / October 1, 2014

Happy National Black Dog Day

blackdogdayI guess it makes sense that today, October 1 would be National Black Dog Day.  I’m just finding out about it and knew I needed to share. Make sure you are sharing your photos of your black dogs on my website. It’s been very popular and has been getting a lot of people submitting all kinds of great photos and stories.

If you didn’t already know, I started this soon after my Black Dogs project went viral. I was getting so many people showing me photos of their dogs that I wanted people to share it with more then just me. That is why I started the new page. It just made it easier for people tell their stories. Everyone loves their dogs and having a place online for like minded people just made sense.

Enjoy your day and call it an excuse to spend extra time with your pets today, no matter what color.


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