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opinion, tutorial / January 30, 2013

Good times with “bad” dogs.

Last weekend, I got to spend a few hours with Cree and Roxie of 2 Bad Dog fame.  For “bad dogs” they were a lot of fun.  Like children, they just wanted attention and tried to get away with anything they could.  It’s their house, the humans just get to stay as long as they keep tossing the tennis ball around.

Part of why I went over wasn’t just to take photos of the dogs but to offer Nicky, their owner, some photography lessons so she could take better photos of her dogs for the project.  This is one of the things I’d like to start offering more of is to be able to train people on how to take better photos and use their equipment better.  Not so much for others to become pro photographers but so that everyone can become better amateur photographers. I got into photography because I loved everything about the process and wanted to be fully involved with that.  The process for learning photography use to be really formal but now, there are lots of options.  From college classes, to workshops to online videos.  What I’d like to do more is hands on, one on one or small groups.  I’ve been teaching college foundation classes around computer arts and photography for over 12 years and really enjoy that interaction.  So when I got together with Nicky, I felt is was a good test to see how well I could be put into a situation with someone who loves taking photos but was overwhelmed by all the features of today’s digital camera.  I told her, like I tell everyone, of all the cameras I’ve ever worked with, there is nothing more complicated then a digital camera.

In our 3 hours together, we got to go over the basics of how her camera worked, what the settings are and what they mean, and the very basics of composing a photo.  With what she’s done on Facebook, she’s already gotten over 4000 followers who are all very active on her page.  I think with better photos, she’ll be able to do even more and grow her fan base because those great dogs are so much fun.  I bet even Boo would follow 2 bad dogs on Facebook.  Just not into the back yard.  Boo might be mistaken for a furry squirrel.



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