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opinion / October 25, 2011

Photographers editing their best work

Taking a great photograph isn’t really that hard.  You just have to dedicate a lot of time and energy into the process. You have to practice and learn from the work you do as well as looking at others work.  You take thousands of pictures and sooner or later, you start getting photos your really like. If someone is passionate about something, they dedicate themselves to it and get better.  The hard part for professional photographers is that the better you get, the bigger the pile of good photos are the harder it is to edit them down.

I’m going through that process right now. For a while, my work was at a plateau and didn’t change much. What’s more, I stopped shooting and was just thinking about shooting for a while.  Now that I’m shooting again, and shooting a lot. I’m really excited about my work again.

Now I’m going though the hard part of editing.  This is the hardest part for most photographers.  No matter how good a photographer gets, editing their own work is always the hardest part of the process. Great photos are mixed in with really great photos and emotions can run high when deciding which is really the best.

Great photographers don’t ever work alone though.  They have other photographers, producers, editors, critical friends, or whole companies that help them out to show only the best work.  They separate them out to categories and move out the old for the new. It’s a difficult process and a process that needs to be constantly updated.  When a photographer decides the work they are going to show, it needs to really show their vision, which won’t be everything they shoot.  Some projects are done for reasons that don’t fit the vision so even if their photos are great for that project, they don’t fit into the final edit of the portfolio.  That is where the photographer has to decide, am I showing the work for me or for someone else.  Great photographers show what they love most to attract like minded people who are interested in the work. Otherwise, they’ll get stuck shooting work that other people like and loose interest.


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