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opinion / April 1, 2015

Being there for my clients

When I first started shooting for clients, I put up a web gallery and hoped they would buy all the photos they wanted. That didn’t work because most people don’t know what they wanted. More accurately, most people don’t know what’s possible. When I work with my clients all over the Boston area, I now hand hold them through every part. I want to know what they are passionate about, why they want photos and then help them to decide how they would like to keep these photos forever. Unless you’re a photographer, you can’t visualize the difference between an 8×10 and a 40×60 inch print in your home. If I put up a gallery and say choose, it might say, I don’t care or that it’s not for me to make that decision for you.

Now, I want to help my clients make this decisions and get the most out of the entire experience. I want to create amazing works of art that my clients can feel proud to hang in their homes and share with their friends and family. I want them to see those photos and be able to think back on that time of their lives and how wonderful it was. These photos I take are anchors to their past that they and their family can look back on and know how important it really was.

As someone who loves photography, what are things that you look for when considering hiring someone. I’d love to know more about what people want so either answer below or shoot me an email. I would love to hear from you.size-matters-photo-example

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