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Events / June 25, 2013

Pooch-a-palooza wrap up


Last weekend was Pooch-a-Palooza.  It was a big dog event in Canton MA that was geared toward both families and dogs.  A ton of people came though the event over the 2 days but I’m not sure if I can handle a 2 day event like that again.  Setup was Friday and then had to get there early Saturday to finish so in total I was there close to 20 hours.  That is a LONG weekend and to be away from my family for that is really hard.  My boys are young so I don’t like missing out on my time with them.

The plus side though is I met a LOT of great people and dogs and signed up 4 new clients that I’m really excited about shooting.  2 people actually bought photo shoots for their parents dogs which I thought was such a great idea.  I know my parents are impossible to get gifts for but love their dogs so it is a good idea (if I do say so). I also met some really great and talented vendors at the event.  Carrie Jacobson is a painter who was doing these great pet portrait paintings using her pallet knife to put the paint down.  My other neighbor was Carol of Mack & Mabel and the 3 of us kept our spirits up when it go slow.  Some other great vendors were Cody’s Creations who makes amazing dog collars and Marc Art who had these great illustrations of all different dogs.

I played around with my social media and published a few different video’s using Vine to create little video’s like this one for Broken Tail Rescue. I hope to work with them soon to take photos of their rescues so they can get forever homes.  They foster pets all over the state so I’m going to help the few that are around my area in Maynard.

The good thing is that my summer is going to be a lot busier and I’m so looking forward to shooting for my new clients.


Looking down the line of vendors and rescue groupsPAP_me

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