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Events, promotion / September 19, 2012

One busy pet expo

Last Saturday was the New England Pet Expo.  It was one crazy day and I’m still getting myself together after the event.  This was the first BIG expo event I’ve done and I think things went okay. I learned a lot while it was happening and think I’ve got some good ideas on what to do next time.  All the other events I’ve done in the past have been part of fund raisers and I set up a shooting studio.  That is fun but I don’t turn those people into clients.  I think part of that is because the people who want a quick pic of their dog aren’t that interested in the full service I offer or they may not think very highly of me because they think I just take pictures in mass.

This time, I wanted to focus on getting people to look at my work and take an interest in creating unique works of art just for them.  That is what I do and I hope to get more clients from it.  The good part of shooting at events is that the amount I put into it comes back and I mostly break even.  This event, I invested a lot into it and there isn’t any direct return.  Now I wait and see if people take an interest, contact me and hire me to take photos of their dogs and family.

I did get to meet some great companies as well as all the great pet people.  360 Sports Systems was across from me and they were great.  The brought in their custom grass for the center agility course and it was great.  I was shocked how good their grass looked.  The setup for pet friendly spaces are amazing.

The Doody Calls group were amazing too.  They were running around picking up after all the messes the dogs made. They were doing more then just picking up too.  They cleared any trace of the mess so it didn’t become a popular spot with other dogs.  I saw a few messes and they were on it within a minute.  They were great.

There were others too but I’ll mention them on Facebook or in a later post.

Overall I think it was a success. I’m still considering if I’ll be back next year. It’s a big investment but I hope it will have a big return.

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