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Events / April 5, 2017

Next mini-session in Newton, MA

Next mini-session coming up.

I’m excited that I’ll be at Especially for Pets in Newton on April 23 from 11 am to 4 pm for the next mini-session. Already, the morning shoots have been filled but there are still 4 spaces available. I’ve looked at the space and the training room there is perfect for an all day photo session. No major lighting issues, a private space to keep the dogs calm and a good location with parking. I’ll never run out of treats either if the Primal Treats rep is there again. He made the Sudbury shoot all that much better because of their awesome freeze dried treats.

The mini-session allows you to bring in your dogs for a 20-30 minute photo shoot where I create beautiful studio shoot like below. Then we spend time looking at all the photos (between 40-60) and narrow it down to your favorite photos to order prints that day. I’ll take those photos back home, clean them up and get the prints ordered and mail them right to you. You’ll have complete access to all printing options that I have. You can even bring in a photo of the wall you want to hang the photos on and I can show you, to scale, what they would look like right on the wall.

If you’re interested in signing up for a photo shoot, please sign up here. Part of the proceeds from all the Mini-sessions will be going to Canine Companions. I can’t say enough good things about them.

I put a video together of the time lapse video I shot of the event. I didn’t get to shoot this for every dog but I think it looks pretty good.

Here are some of the photos that are now hanging on my client’s walls.

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