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Events / September 9, 2011

Guest Post on Pet Search Party

It’s always good to share. I really believe that and as someone who’s background is focused around education, I really love sharing what I know with others.  Since I follow many different dog related groups on Facebook and Twitter, Pet Search Party send out a request for a guest  post on to photographers.  I was first contacting them to promote the Smile for a Cure and they asked if I wanted to do a post about philanthropy and pet photography. I could have written something but since Nunthany Johnson  started Smile for a Cure, I passed that idea off to her.  She is the one with the real passion. I’m just trying to do a good thing by joining her cause that I think is is worthwhile.

Since I didn’t write about philanthropy, they asked me to write about why someone would hire a pet photographer. It’s good insight on why and how to look for a photographer to photograph your furry family.  You can also check out my link page to see other photographers that I think are great.

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