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Events / May 15, 2014

First meetup outing

Last week, I did my first Meetup photography outing. A few months ago, I started a Meetup group called, The Passionate Photographer to allow me to keep connected to the educational side of my interests. Besides photography and pets, I also really love teaching. I feel that the possibilities to teach have expanded so much with good on line resources. Places like Creative Live, and other options like podcasts such as “On Taking Pictures” where it’s not about the gear but about the process, gives everyone the opportunity to learn. As a life long learner, I also really love to help others learn so after joining some other meetup groups, I decided I wanted to do one on my own. With the help of EP Levine, I was able to get my group started and we now have over 100 people.

Last week, we did our first photo walk where a small group of us got together and photographed around the Beverly MA area. The weather held out in our favor and I think everyone had a I good time. I tried to make myself available to offer ideas and suggestions on shooting and setups. It was great to see how others shoot and what we all ended up looking at. Some things only one of us might see while some things we all gravitated to. One thing everyone liked was this old Fire alarm box. We all took our own photos of it and I can bet that everyone did something very different. I hope they all can make the next meetup where we can share photos and see what each others ddi.

It was just the first of what I hope will be many events beyond the group. We have plans on other special events like studio lighting, HDR done right, and other fun projects to keep the group engaged and constantly learning. If you love photography and want some good feedback, you should check out my group and join.

Fire cable box Looking up at tree Clouds over US Flag Walking dog on the wall

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