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Events / February 7, 2014

First black dog show coming

I’m really excited that I’ll be having a small show of the black dog photos at the Carlisle Public Library.  Carlisle is a beautiful suburb of Boston. They are passionate about their community and have a strong appreciation for the arts. Over a year ago, they approached me about showing my work and at the time, I hadn’t even started the Black Dogs Project. Well, this couldn’t be a better time to get the work out their. I’ve had a lot of good response from the pet community and people from all over have been telling me how important the project is.

I’m getting really excited about getting the photos out to the world and letting people take a fresh look at black dogs and the issue it can be for them to get adopted.

The show is scheduled from March 4 – April 25 so if you’re in the area, please stop by and check out the work. It is just a small sample of the work but it will help to get the word out and maybe, just maybe help push this ebook into a real book idea.

I’ll be mailing out postcards for the show so if you’d like to be on my mailing list please contact me.


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