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Events / September 14, 2015

Book Release event at Gallery Kayafas

I’m really excited that in one week, I’ll finally have my book release event at Gallery Kayafas Sunday Sept 20 from 11-2. The gallery has been extremely generous in allowing me to have my book release event in their space on their one day off. Normally the gallery is closed but we’ll be there and hopefully it will be a very busy day. SOWA Art Walk is also that weekend so I expect that lots of people will be wandering around looking at all the artists.

It’s been a really long time coming and I still feel like I’ve got so much to do before Sunday. The good part is that I won’t be alone. Polka Dog Bakery and Pawsh Dog Boutique will also be there. Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, B.O.N.E.S. and Boston Animal Rescue League will be there in spirit but won’t have a table to share their process. I really wanted to get other rescues involved but due to scheduling and since rescues rely on volunteers, it can be hard to get people there.

I’m also really excited that some of the important people from the publisher will be in town. I’ve been working really hard with a big team of people I’ve never met. Sunday is going to be a really BIG day. I hope you can be there. I’ve made a events page on my Facebook page so check it out, let your friends know and I’ll see you there.

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