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Events / June 20, 2011

Baypath Bark in the Park


For Father’s Day, I was out the door before the kids were even awake.  I went to the Baypath fundraiser event where I set up my tent to take pictures of dogs and share with the world the possibility of a good portrait of dogs.  The event was great and the weather was PERFECT!  Everyone had such a great time and I got to meet some really great dogs and dog owners.  I even got to photograph a beautiful Golden that I just photographed at Whisker Walk just the other week. You can see all the best photos on my smug mug page.

At this event, I finally entered the digital commerce age.  I got a Square credit card reader.  It worked GREAT.  Even out in a park away from any major city but as long as my iPhone had internet access, I could take credit cards.  So easy, worked each time, and made the process super easy.  Their take is pretty small and the device is free.  It is now part of my entire process.  It made it much easier for everyone else too because swiping a credit card was easier then giving up the cash they might have needed to buy lunch that day.

When I got home, super tired, my boys were tired and my oldest had strep throat. My wife was on the phone with his Dr. and was just about to take him in for a appointment. Happy Father’s Day.

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