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clients, Events, promotion / October 9, 2012

Yes, I can cure cancer and save the world

It’s been a crazy past month and I haven’t had much time to put toward my blog but let me catch you up on all the exciting things I’ve been doing over the next few blog posts.

I did do my small part in curing dog cancer.  Well, at least I got one client to sign up for a Smile for a Cure photo shoot where part of the proceeds go to the Canine Cancer Foundation. Paul and Evy are one of my first clients and have been very supportive of all my work these past few years. They signed up last year as well as this and have been really happy with their photos. We went to Nara Park in Acton and tried a bunch of photos. Evy loves all the ones she’s not in but Paul and I know the ones with her are nice too.

If you’d like to give your support toward the cause, even if you didn’t get a shoot done, you can go to their website and make a donation.  I’ll even sweeten the deal.  If you donate any amount up to $125, I’ll deduct that amount from my sitting fee.  You just need to donate before October 15th.  Thank you Evy and Paul for being my first client and continuing to come back for more.

To keep up with my day to day (or week to week) activity, please check out my Facebook page.  I try to post there daily with either a photo of the day or an interesting link.

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