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clients / September 17, 2013

Working one on one with my clients

dog, Dachshund, grass

I was thinking about how much I do for my clients and how important it is for them to get the quality of work they want.  I met Scarlett and Bea’s owner at Pooch-a-Palooza over the summer and we scheduled a shoot with them for this last August.  We talked about what she wanted and where the best places to shoot were to set a date and time.  As we got closer to the date, she and I talked about her dogs and their temperament.  Bea isn’t great with new people and can be defensive of her mom so we made sure to give her the space she needed and got some really nice shots of her.

After the shoot and editing, we set up a time where I went over to their house to go over the photos as well as discuss the best places to put up the photos. I made sure to bring sample prints, in different styles, and we talked about all the options about what she wanted.  I also brought a tape measure and made sure that the spaces she wanted worked for the images she likes.

We talked about photos she wanted to show off to all her guests that come over as well as personal photos she wanted in her bedroom that would just be for her.  She even brought out a picture frame that had two spaces for vertical photos but would be printed on one 5×7 page.  I was able to create a custom image just the way she wanted and changed things around to fit the images she loved most.

In the end, she ordered 2 images and scheduled 2 more photo shoots, on in the fall and the next major snow storm (her dogs love the snow).  I’m so happy to have great clients who are excited about the photos and want to have great photos to show off of their furry family.

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