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clients / July 6, 2016

Tavi the senior

Tavi the senior black dog

Tavi is such a great dog. I know I say that with almost every dog I get to photograph but people who bring me their dogs have a special bond so it’s not surprising that I would see so many great dogs. Like many dogs I get to photograph, several  have been senior dogs. People know that their dogs won’t be with them their whole lives but once they get old, it’s more obvious and we become more caregivers instead of play-mates.

People want to remember their dogs and I’ve mentioned before, I think there are three times you should get great photos of your pets. When you first get them, at the prime of their life and as a senior. You’ll have a great collection of photos that really represent the great life you had with your pet and you’ll have no regrets.

Tavi has the best family and has been given a great life. I know they will have these photos for a long time and every time they look at them, they will think about how wonderful Tavi was.

Black dog, studio Black dog, studio Black dog, studio

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