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clients / October 28, 2015

Shooting for my clients needs

If you’re looking at my website, there is a good chance you like my pet photography. There is also a very good chance you love your pet. But how do to put that together? All of my clients have come to me wanting beautiful photos, but none had a clear vision of what they wanted to do with the photos. That is a big part of my process and I make sure that I’m able to clearly show my clients what their photos will look like in their homes.

Here is an example of a recent client, Molly, who’s family loves her and really wanted photos of Molly and them together. When I did the reveal and order session for their photos, I went to their home with my projector and screen to show them all the best photos. We narrowed it down and they really loved 4 photos of Molly. We discussed where they might like these photos and we found two places. Using software on my iPad, I took a photo of the walls so I could show them what the photos would look like to scale in that space.

pet photography, preview

Using my preview software on the iPad, we created a preview of what the photos would look like on the wall.

Knowing the space and able to see the photos, to scale in that space made them comfortable that this was the best choice for that wall. They placed the order and I promised that when I came back, I’d help them hang the photos.

These photos are mounted with 3/4in black standout prints. It’s a beautiful, clean way of displaying photos without the process of framing. As you can tell, they look pretty nice.

Pet photography, finals, artwork

Here are the final prints hanging in their home.

Even though we changed the order around a little bit, they are now hanging exactly as expected and Molly’s family loves the photos. I am always happy to see the photos up and hanging in my clients homes. It’s a true sense of accomplishment for me to know that these photos will be a valuable addition to their homes.

I also created a webApp that they can have on any smartphone or tablet so they don’t feel like they are missing out on having digital files to share. They get to show off the photos to all their friends and family while still enjoying the final prints in their home.

If you’re thinking it would be nice to have photos of your pets or family, contact me and we can talk about what options are available.  I will make sure that you get most out of a photo session so you’ll have these memories for a lifetime.

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